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Wear Caps

Wear Caps from ONTRAC group

Prolong the service life of your excavator’s adapters with high-quality wear caps from ONTRAC Group. Our wear caps are sourced from MTG, a leading global provider of adapters, locking devices and shrouds for earthmoving machinery. The wear caps provide protection for the exposed lip ends on excavators and wheel loaders.

Range of wear caps:

  • ‘Slim’ wear cap shroud for RS adapter – protects the top of the excavator adapter on high-impact and high-abrasion applications
  • ‘Heavy’ wear cap shroud for RS adapter – reinforced wear cap shroud that protects the top of the tooth adapter from wear and tear in extremely high-impact and highly abrasive applications

Features and benefits

  • Designed for excavators, backhoes, loaders and other types of earthmoving machinery
  • Extra wear protection for lip ends
  • Helps prevent damage and wear to the corner adapters
  • Increased safety of operations

Why Choose ONTRAC Group?

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, ONTRAC Group has identified the needs of contractors to improve on-site efficiency and reduce unnecessary expenses. Through a range of quality and custom excavator attachments, we deliver the most cutting-edge attachments for earthmoving machinery.

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