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TwinLOCK Quick Hitch up to 100 Tonne

TwinLOCK quick hitch from ONTRAC group

Designed for durability. The renowned TwinLOCK quick hitch is the key to optimised site safety and performance. ONTRAC Group has supplied this innovative product throughout Australia for improved safety, productivity and better profitability.

What You Get from the TwinLOCK Quick Hitch

The TwinLOCK quick hitch is fully compliant with the latest rules and regulations for today’s on-site conditions. Additionally, they are designed and built for durability. Know that you’re getting the most value out of your investment when you choose our quick hitch attachments.

Safety Compliant
The TwinLOCK quick hitch excavator attachments are compliant with ISO 13031:2012 and AS 4772-2008. Both of which concern the safety standards of earth-moving machinery in Australia. Effectively improve your site and employees’ safety when you opt for this quick hitch.

TwinLOCK Feature
Our quick hitches are equipped with a double locking feature securing front and rear attachment pins. This limits downtime as your operator no longer has to leave the cab to change the attachment. Streamline processes to complete projects on time or earlier.

Product of Australia
The TwinLOCK quick hitch is proudly a product of Australia. It has been tried and proven for decades and can effectivley handle the hardest rock and site conditions for machines from 1t – 100t.

Low Maintenance
Made with very few components, the TwinLOCK quick hitch experiences less wear and tear than regular excavator attachments and very robust for extreme conditions. Moreover, its solid and yet simplistic design makes it less susceptible to frequent maintenance.

Why Choose ONTRAC Group

With our base of operations here in Australia, we understand your needs in earthmoving equipment. As such, we’ve curated a selection of excavator attachments that are suitable to the country. Included here are the quick hitches we have for sale.

Our TwinLOCK quick hitch boasts its durability in harsh working conditions. Moreover, the innovative design allows it to pick up attachments regardless of their pin centre. The coupling of its slide rail mechanism and long-stroke cylinder makes it compatible with different equipment.

If you’re in the market for a high quality quick hitch, look no further than the ONTRAC Group. Our customer support team will gladly help you find what you are looking for.


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