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Premium Trenching Buckets

Premium Trenching Buckets from ONTRAC Group

When digging drains, pipe culverts or narrow cable trenches, you’ll need a heavy-duty excavator trenching bucket that can withstand tough working conditions. At ONTRAC Group, our trenching buckets for excavators have smooth and stable designs that can easily dig deep and narrow trenches. Built with abrasion-resistant material for reduced weight, they maintain excellent breakout force and contribute to fast cycle times for the excavator.

We source our trenching buckets from Rhinox, UK’s fastest growing supplier of excavators and mini digger buckets, wear parts and attachments. With over 25 years of experience and expertise, Rhinox’s modern design and manufacturing techniques are synonymous with quality, reliability and strength.

What are the key benefits?

  • Dig narrow trenches while maintaining a suitable depth
  • Reduce the time spent back filling the trenches
  • Narrow width equates to minimum reinstatement costs
  • Reduce the amount of unnecessary material handling
  • Better control of excavation
  • Replaces expensive trenching attachments
  • Custom sizes available

With their narrow shapes and effective blades, our trenching buckets for sale are designed to dig perfect trenches without digging out too much. They are ideal for tight applications such as drainage trenches, cable ducts, pipe laying trenches and fibre optic cable installation.

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