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Premium Tilting Buckets

Premium Tilting Buckets from ONTRAC Group

Tilt buckets are cost-effective and versatile attachments used in finishing, grading and land clearing applications. When using the buckets, operators are able to easily level or grade an area without having to reposition the excavator – making operations faster and more efficient.

ONTRAC designed specifically to reach awkward areas with less excavator repositioning, they increase the productivity and adaptability of diggers. Due to their smooth tilting action, they are also ideal for slope finishing, waste handling, land clearing and level grading on uneven terrain.

Easily mountable, our excavator tilt buckets host the following advantages:

  • Compact design – ideal for sites where space is limited and for easy manoeuvring around tight areas
  • Full 45-degree tilt – allows greater freedom of movement in both left and right directions
  • Heavy-duty top box – added strength for increased durability and longer service life
  • Excellent Bucket Geometry – for easier trimming and shaping
  • Robust construction – increased strength and durability that leads to reduced service and maintenance costs
  • Heavy-duty bolt-on edges – ensures protection and strengthens the cutting edge

Whether you are digging pools, sidewalks, foundations, utility trenches, ponds or doing general excavation work, take your digger to the next level with ONTRAC’s range of tilt buckets, available Australia-wide.

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