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Premium Excavator Compaction Wheels

ONTRAC Premium Compaction Wheels

ONTRAC Group has designed and built our Excavator Compaction Wheels for the harshest Australian conditions and operators.

Our range of Compaction Wheel will be the right tool for the job having been designed with input by experienced operators in the field.

Features and benefits

  • Deep Compaction
  • HB450 Padfeet
  • Adjustable Scrapers
  • Long-life Lubrication
  • High Tensile Pins
  • Standard 450mm Wide Drum
  • Quality Guarantee

Our standard Compaction wheel has a 450mm wide drum with 24 Tapered HB450 padfeet. Tapered edges are designed for deeper compaction and long-lasting wear.

We custom build Trench Rollers / Compaction Wheels to suit any application. Our team can design and create this for you in no time.

Our excavator compaction wheels assure you that trench compaction will be done faster and more effectively. For any enquiries regarding our excavator attachments, call us on 1300 910 950 or email [email protected].


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