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Pin & Retainer Systems

Pins and retainers systems to suit various excavator bucket teeth and adapters

We source them from MTG, a leading global provider of locking devices, adapters and shrouds for earthmoving machinery. The pins and retainers systems are made with high-grade materials for long service life and resistance to corrosion.

MTG Systems StarMet built-in innovative locking solution MTGtwist.
This innovative solution offers:

When changing the teeth:
• Safety: No possibility of impact accidents due to flying metal particles.
• Ease: Tooth changing effort lower than using a hammer.
• Easier to use: One person can change the tooth

When working:
• Safer retention: Tried and tested system offering excellent retention, preventing tooth loss.
• Re-usable pin: The pin is rugged and does not suffer during assembly and disassembly. It can be re-used in most cases.

Lateral locking system for size 15 and from 120 to 500:

1. Easy to extract conical pin.
2. Standard shaped square hole.
3. MTGtwist retainer made from elastomet and polyurethane.
4. MTG plug to prevent the square hole becoming filled with soil, saving time and cleaning when disassembling.



Bilateral locking system for size 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60:

1. Conical pin (can be assembled on both sides of the adapter), for easy installation and removal.
2. Standard shaped square hole.
3. MTGTwist retainer made from elastomet and polyurethane (can be assembled on both sides of the adapter).
4. MTG plug to prevent the square hole becoming filled with soil, saving time and cleaning when disassembling.


Pin + Retainer StarMet. The innovative MTGtwist solution facilitates assembly and disassembly reducing your machine’s downtime.

Characteristics of the pins and retainers systems for GETs:

  • The pin body, made of only the highest quality steel, features optimal resistance that allows it to be reused.
  • The retainer is comprised of two components. The first one is Elastomet which provides flexibility and elasticity. The second component is compact polyurethane. The two materials are combined to form a single piece.

The combination of a pliant, elastic pin and a reusable, sturdy body provides excellent flexibility in assembly.  This means maximum versatility as you can use the pin with the tips and adapters that you prefer.

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