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Springfield Civil NSW 5 weeks, 80%, $240,000 ahead in ROCK!

Springfield Civil NSW 5 weeks, 80%, $240,000 ahead in ROCK!


The contractor is costing us a fortune excavating rock and losing time due to delays! Sounds familiar …..….? This was the tenor of the conversation when Andy from Springfield Civil received the call from a client in the industry pleading for help. The project was one of those classics where the pressure was on by the developer to get the estate completed and yet services had to be run and roadways had to be completed before any further construction was to commence however the excavation of rock was holding up the project. The rock excavation was estimated to be $300,000 and 2 months of deep excavation through hard shale and rock in western suburbs of Sydney NSW, the road was long and hard with the monotonous rock breaking, changing attachments, digging, ripping etc,

Andy came to the rescue with his machines and crew — a Multi-Ripper Talon Bucket. Springfield had recently acquired a Talon Series Multi-Ripper bucket from Ontrac Group, specifically designed and manufactured for excavating through rock and hard soil materials. This bucket was fitted to a 30 tonne Sumitomo SH300 and there was no looking back, no rock breakers used and no down time —success all the way.


5 weeks…! Completed project in 3 weeks, 5 weeks ahead of schedule.
$240,000 saving, Project cost $60,000 against the $300k estimate—an unbelievable 80% cost reduction. Trenching was up to 7 m deep.
No Breakers Required Less capital equipment and less maintenance required.
Not only was it a commercial “no-brainer” but it got the project back Ontrac!

How: Talon Multi-Ripper bucket has its own unique design and appearance giving a “single point of engagement” in operation to maximise the penetration and maximise breakout force up to 8 times. Not only does the bucket have the strength and ability to slice up rock, but also to remove the spoil as you go. On this project the rock breakers, rippers etc. weren’t required saving downtime on changing attachments, less maintenance and noise and less overall capital equipment required. Eliminating rock breakers also means the excavation can be kept to a minimum resulting in less backfill material needed — it’s savings all the way and you get an unfair advantage!

Who: Andy Ellis General Manager or Machine Operator Ashley Ellis of Springfield Civil can be contacted on (02) 9820 3197 for more detail.

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