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Sandhurst Articulator

Sandhurst Articulator R5000 Eliminates Suspended Loads, Improves Site Safety and Productivity

For over 45 years, Sandhurst have been a leading provider of excavator attachments in the UK — with a strong presence in Europe. ONTRAC Group is proud to offer the Sandhurst Articulator as one of the best innovative solutions to the Construction and Rail sectors. The attachment revolutionises the way difficult weight structures of all shapes and sizes are handled and positioned for a safer and easier construction work site.


  • Capable of handling round, straight or tapered sections up to an impressive weight load of 5000 kg and an astonishing length of 20 metres
  • Composed of responsive elements: telescopic legs, a central stabiliser pad, four individually adjustable feet and a rotating brainbox
  • Unique central ram has a pushing force of 1 tonne to secure the load, ensuring you of a failsafe mechanism
  • Rotates heavy concrete pipes, tapered poles and enormous steel masts with ease
  • Can adjust to various changes in size and width while remaining safe and sturdy


  • Rail
  • Power
  • Demolition
  • Utilities and civil engineering


  • Improves the safety of pipe installations into the ground by taking men away from the trench
  • Operators will be able to move and precisely position poles, masts and tubes of steel or concrete of different variable diameters
  • Provides enormous savings in cost and time when handling long, heavy and cumbersome posts, pipes, poles and beams

Revolutionise the way you perform operations on site or on track with the Sandhurst Articulator. Order yours today by calling ONTRAC Group on 1300 910 950.



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