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Premium Trench Rake

Premium Trench Rake from ONTRAC Group

The ONTRAC Trench Rake is designed to assists Excavators working at extreme depths in a trenching application, commonly sewer drainage excavations. The ONTRAC Trench Rake is an extension arm to the boom to drag up the trench the broken rock and bring it within reach of a trenching bucket. This allows more to be done in the day through reducing the amount the breaker has to be taken off.

ONTRAC has specifically designed the drench rake to allow the full weight of the machine to fall on it in an unstable situation without causing any damage. Lengths of the ONTRAC Trench Rake range between 2m – 4.5m

Why Choose ONTRAC Group?

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, ONTRAC Group has identified the needs of contractors to improve on-site efficiency and reduce unnecessary expenses. Through a range of quality and custom excavator attachments, we deliver the most cutting-edge attachments for earthmoving machinery.

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