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Insanity is – Doing the Same Old Things & Expecting Different Results

Insanity is – Doing the Same Old Things & Expecting Different Results

Oh, how we know what that is, it’s a downward vortex and the harder you do it the bolder the results come out unchanged.  We need to work smarter not harder.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Quote by Henry Ford

So, what are you going to change in 2017 to help you improve and get ahead in this ever-changing market? Get off the merry go round and step into a life changing new phase.

Well, we’d like to introduce to you the range of Multi-Ripper products  designed specifically for the excavator/backhoe market to take all the sweat out of digging hard soils and rock like materials.  This range of products is simple, effective, requires little maintenance, less to purchase than a hydraulic hammer & bucket and you get more done in the day.

Customers say – why wasn’t this thought of before?  Well, what a great question, but it wasn’t; so, thanks to Lee Horton an experienced engineer in the United States of America, the SHARC design was conceived and we are now the beneficiaries.

What is the SHARC design?  SHARC stands for Shanks on an Arc.  The staggered shanks on an arc hit one at a time allowing the maximum breakout force to be applied to each tooth individually. The tooth force is about 8.5 times that of a standard 5 tooth bucket because the shanks are short. Also, the shanks are the same distance from the stick pivot, so the shanks rip a relatively flat bottom.

Well, how do I benefit from this?  Ok, these products rip rock up to 4 times faster than a hammer. They rip 10 times faster than a single pointed ripper. They exceed all other designs for rock, or ripper buckets on the market. They rip to all depths leaving relatively flat bottom and side walls in the trench.

Obviously, if you can be more productive on site, this will impress your client, you’ll will trim your expenses, profits will raise out of sight and you’ll have more time in the day to relax in what really matters in life!  This range of Multi-Ripper products have been known to pay themselves off in a matter of days and it all makes perfect sense, so why delay, enquire today on [email protected]  sales 1300 910 950.

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